Quick Start Challenge 2018 week 2 task.

Have you ever imagined you’ve won the lottery?  I think many people automatically begin designing their dream life if they do this. It’s a definite come down when you realise it was just a dream. Therefore, it’s important to take real concrete action to make those dreams come true.

A dream life for me is not about having endless pots of money, it’s more about having enough to give me the freedom, comfort and security I desire.

How much is enough? Personally, I think it’s about having enough so that you don’t ever have to worry about having enough again.

My dream life would not be so extravagant. A different home in a different area I am fond of. A nice car, not too flash, I would worry about it getting scratched. Somewhere warm to go in winter, away from the cold and rain of England.  A Villa in Spain or a Condo in Thailand.

A holiday whenever I feel like having one.

The means to travel first or business class on long haul flights. The difference between enduring or enjoying long haul, as someone once put it.

You can’t buy health, but you can be treated faster, in more comfort and with less frustration. As a child I can remember walking up a leafy avenue to the doctor’s surgery, a large double fronted house. You would go in (no appointment necessary) sit down in the waiting room with a few others and wait to be called in with the buzzer or light, usually about ten minutes. Nowadays that sort of service would be private.

In terms of how much, I am semi-retired and on a reasonable company pension, but I think £6000-£8000 per month would be absolutely ideal for me.

You have probably all heard the saying, money doesn’t care who owns it, and it’s true, it really doesn’t discriminate. Some of us may have had to free ourselves from the idea that there is something wrong with making money.  It’s an idea that those with a religious background can easily succumb too.

But the truth is that by fulfilling our dreams and becoming wealthier we can actually help others a great deal more.

I have absolutely no experience in internet marketing, all I can say is I have started this training because I am semi-retired and seeking a new challenge, I have started this challenge to be successful, and hopefully in time to help others be successful too.

Wishing everyone on the challenge, health, wealth and that dream life.

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