About Me

A little about me.

I was born in Fulham London and grew up in the leafy suburb of Ealing.

I left school at 16 and studied automotive and inventory management at college. Most of my career was spent around warehouse and inventory management. However, as time went on I became more interested in end user computing and programming.  I was the only person keen on it and eventually I was seen as the specialist and expert which was not actually true at all.  I took early retirement four years ago.

I am semi-retired and on a pretty good company pension, but I still feel young enough to accept a new challenge. So far, I have been lucky to remain in what I believe is good health, some of the friends I grew up with have not been so lucky. I therefore feel I should take full advantage to achieve as much as I can out of life while I still can.

I have been interested in internet marketing for ages but this is the first actual time I have attempted to learn it.

I find The Quick Start Challenge highly motivating and inspiring and hopefully in time and with effort it will lead me to success.